My Achy Breaky Buns

Today a whole group of runners came out to celebrate the birthday of one of our gang (Happy Birthday, Darian!) the best way we know how: Going for a long run in the Boise Foothills!

To get things off to a festive start, our youthful pal, Dennis did several clap pushups. Just in case we missed them the first time, he did round two when a few more runner pals showed up a few minutes later.  I wish “I” could do clap pushups. Heck, I wish I could do regular pushups without collapsing to the floor after a few. Maybe when I’m a little bit older and a whole lot wiser like Dennis, I’ll learn how to do that party trick too.

I decided to just use the top ten descriptions I could think of to better paint a word picture of today’s run:
1. Mountainous
2. Single-Track
3. Frozen Snow
4. Slush
5. Muddy
6. Steep
7. Gorgeous
8. Icy
9. Climbing and then more climbing
10. Party time on the downhills!  (Finding footholds was a huge challenge with the frozen snow mixed with mud and slush on the single track trails. I love a challenge and I love the way the wind whistles by so fast when I’m running downhill that my eyes water and I can hardly see – which makes it even MORE of a wild and crazy blast!)

Ok, a few numbers to also set the mental stage for what today’s run was all about:

The data above is “moving” pace and time from Garmin Connect. Our actual time out there was right about 4 hours.

Max Elevation today: 4,712 feet
Elevation Gain Total: 2,466 feet (Per Garmin Connect’s adjusted data) 3,340 is what my watch uploaded, so you can see there’s a big difference. I honestly FELT like the watch data was closer to reality — but, there it is.

Elevation gain per mile per Garmin’s regular data since Garmin Connect doesn’t make the individual mile elevation gain available:

Mile 1: 185 ft
Mile 2: 310 ft
Mile 3: 458 ft
Mile 4: 514 ft
Mile 5: 450 ft
Mile 6: 432 ft
Mile 7: 127 ft
Mile 8: 169 ft
Mile 9: 40 ft
Mile 10: 16 ft
Mile 11: 55 ft
Mile 12: 141 ft
Mile 13: 266 ft
Mile 14: 45 ft
Mile 15: 58 ft
Mile 16: 20 ft
Mile 17: 55 ft

Last night was a wonderful night. I went Christmas shopping for my five kids. I was in the holiday spirit, so I ordered Chinese food and for dessert the family snacked on divinity, sugar cookies and other naughty treats. That little bit of fun came back to haunt me severely in the last few miles of today’s run.  In addition to the stomach problems, I also went from zooming down the hills and feeling wonderful to barely walking at a snail’s pace when my hamstrings and glutes just cramped up on me tight. Should have brought my pretzels. I think I was low on sodium.

Stats: 17.01 miles. Ave pace: 12:11 Time: 3:27:22 Felt: Wimpy, pain, cramps and fun on the downhills.

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