My Wii Fit Plus Died

Yes – 12 minutes!!!  Yesterday was “one of those days.” I popped in my Wii Fit Plus disc into the Wii and immediately received a “disc read error.” I’m the only one who really uses the Wii Fit Plus in the family, but that doesn’t mean I’m the only one who touches it. My two sons are the premiere Wii users in the family and they often take out whatever disc is in their way and (despite being told repeatedly to put each disc into it’s proper cover) fling it to the side while they make way for their own games. Sometimes these discs have been known to end up on the wood floor.  You get the picture. It’s a constant battle here to keep the discs free of scratches and in their covers. My Wii Fit Plus suffered this fate and now no longer works at all. Bummer.

I spent half an hour trying to wipe the disc and trying to get it to work – but it was a hopeless case. Reluctantly, I put in the Wii Fit disc instead, though I really didn’t want to use that one since it doesn’t have the feature that allows me to do several moves in a row without all the pausing for “points.” It also doesn’t have all of the moves that the Wii Fit Plus, does — but it was all I had.

Unfortunately, I’d also gotten distracted by a sick child and time got away from me. The kids and I had tickets to see a matinee performance of the Nutcracker Ballet in town and that’s how I ended up with a 12 minute workout for the day. At least it was something.

The ballet was wonderful, by the way.

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