Danskin Now Mini Ball Core Workout

I love reacquainting myself with all of my workout DVDs this time of year. One of my favorites is the one I used today: The Danskin Now 25 cm Pilates Mini Ball Workout DVD with Linda Farrell. It’s a combo of mat pilates and yoga moves that incorporate the mini ball. The instructor is easy to follow and has a soothing voice and the kind of dancer’s body that always makes me try just a little harder hoping one day I can look more like her. ha!

I love the variations for beginners and advanced that she offers. Since I have really tight hamstrings, I often have to use the beginner moves, though I’m able to do the advanced ones with the ab work. Squeezing the little ball between the inner thighs really gives a burn. My abs are already feeling it, so I know this will be a great one to turn to this winter for a good core workout.

Stats: 1 hour. Felt: Very good/Challenging Workout!

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