Winter Doldrums

It’s definitely that time of year again. It’s colder, the ground is a mixture of snow, slush and mud. There’s less daylight to play in. And my mileage is suffering as a consequence. My monthly mileage this year peaked in August with 162.54 miles -a mileage PR for me. Sept was 154.38. October was down to 111.73, followed by the lowest mileage month for the entire year — November – with only 81.92.  It’s affecting my mood. I’m feeling antsier, more absent-minded and grumpier.

This time of year requires creativity to maintain a reasonable mileage base. Some pals of mine meet twice a week at an indoor track at 5 am to run for an hour. I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and pull myself out of my cozy, warm bed this winter to join them. I think it will help.

I did yoga earlier today, but have been walking around with a little cloud over my head today, so I figured getting in some endorphins might help me feel more like my usual self. My husband came home from work at about 4:30 pm today, so I headed upstairs to pull on my brightest colored clothing (topped with what looks just like a School Crossing Guard’s yellow reflective vest.) Since it’s getting dark out so soon these days, I want to make sure I’ll be seen by cars.

I headed out into the cold. Tonight’s temperature was about 32 degrees, 100% humidity and 5 mph winds. It was a bit gloomy out.

I jogged the neighborhood roads and headed towards my favorite canal path to see if it was runnable. I ended up knee-highing it through the 6 inches of slushy snow and shoe-sucking mud and puddles. I only made it about 1/4 a mile in that before having to head back to the roads again. I was a bit nervous running so near to the cars in the dark. You just can’t tell when someone is texting or eating or just not paying attention to crazy runner chicks who are out in this weather running on the road.

Since my eleven year old had given me big eyes right before I left and asked, “What’s for dinner, Mom?” I knew I couldn’t be gone long — so I did my couple of miles and headed back home.

I miss my nice weather. There, I admitted it!

Stats: 2.15 miles. Ave pace: 10:06. Time: 21:45 Felt: Gloomy

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