Reasonably Dry Neighborhood Road Run

Ran the neighborhood loop today. Still plenty of snow on the lawns, the fields and the sidewalks, but the roads were fairly dry other than some puddles which I managed to leap over at every chance. I attempted the sidewalks for about a quarter mile, but they were just a mushy, slushy mess, so — back to the road I went.

Legs feel really good (other than a lack of speed) since my mountainous 16+ miler over the weekend. I have another fun weekend of running in the foothills to look forward to this upcoming Saturday. A running friend is celebrating his birthday with a 40k run in the mountains and several of us are joining him. That’s my idea of a great party!  That takes place exactly 3 weeks prior to my first 50k this winter, so it’s a good peak workout for me too. Yay!

Stats: 2.38 miles. Ave pace: 9:45 Time: 23:11 Felt: Good

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