Wii Fit Plus – Yoga/Core/Yoga Sandwich

I swear I’d forgotten how much I love my Wii Fit Plus over the summer/fall (aka while it was nice out instead of less-than-ideal running weather.) Today I started with some yoga moves, where I was clearly reminded that I have a long ways to go in order to achieve the same number of stars or praise from the virtual trainer that I was receiving last winter when I used this more. That’s one thing I love about the Wii Fit, though — that it gives me feedback and that I can compare myself now with the “fitter” me from the past. Good motivation, I say!

I spent the middle part of my workout doing plank (60 seconds this time, which was challenging but achievable), v sits (30), The Step Dance one, Super Hula Hoop (where I failed on the right hand side when my brain became distracted and I forgot to move my hips in wide circles so I dropped all of my hoops – oops.) I was doing the 10 min version which was a fantastic cardio workout, though. I highly recommend it! I made up for my mistake from the right circles and did really well on the left twirls with the hoops — reaching 8 minutes altogether. I’ll hit that one again next time and will keep my eyes on the screen better for the entire 10 minutes.

I did a little strength – single leg lifts (30 on each side which burned in a good way.)

I finished up with a bit more yoga: half moon, tree pose, sun salutation (twice), spinal twist (which is one of my all-time favorites), downward dog and bridge.

When I realized how close I was to reaching 45 minutes, I gave myself permission to choose a couple of “fun” moves to finish up the workout. I did the Penguin Fish Slide thing, which always makes the kids laugh at me and the soccer one (which I’m awful at! I swear I hit nearly every single spiked shoe and panda head they kick at me – losing points!)

My final move today was the Lotus Pose. I’m a goof, though. I sat down, cross-legged, pressed A and then relaxed and closed my eyes. I thought to do a gentle smile (like Julia Roberts’ character is told to do in Eat, Love, Pray (which I just saw and loved this past week). My five children were being really noisy at the breakfast table – just 10 feet from where I was sitting, so I thought, “This is even better. I’m learning to be calm in the chaos! GO ME!” Several minutes later, I’m thinking, “Wow. Amazing! I’ve only beat this game once before. Looks like that fortune cookie I got this week that said “You will win at all your endeavors” wasn’t kidding. Then I peeked open an eye — and saw my mii character sitting nicely on her wii balance board with the letter A at her right! The game hadn’t started! LOL. So, I got a really nice warm up for that one and a good mental break. I was actually thinking about my run yesterday in the mountains in the snow. For about an hour, I was all alone out there, spaced quite a bit from my pals in front and my pals behind — and it was so spiritual and peaceful and lovely. So that is where my mind took me for those five minutes — so it wasn’t so bad that I’d goofed, I suppose. I did play the game for real after that, just trying to settle my mind at the end of my workout. I didn’t win, but it was a nice mental vacation.

Stats: Wii Fit Plus. Time: 46 minutes. Felt: Good

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