Slush, Slush, Snow, Snow, Brrrrrrrr!!!!

I couldn’t take it any more. After looking out the front door and seeing that it wasn’t icy anymore, I pulled on the shoes, tights and gloves and headed out into the thick slush and snow-covered sidewalks and roads in my neighborhood. My shoes stayed dry for about four steps before I had to cross the road and slogged through a huge puddle of slushy, muddy water.

My inner voice quickly started chanting “Thank you! Thank you!” when I’d pass homes where the sidewalk had been shoveled since my feet stayed dryer and it was more fun and very suddenly (and more frequently) the inner voice chant changed to “You suck! You suck” when I’d pass the homes where the snow was still several inches deep and my steps became almost “knee lifts” as I tromped through the thick, wet snow.
I carved out new paths where there were none, my breathing came in steady rhythm with the puffs of fog I’d breath out and I even found myself knee deep in snow in spots where a snowplow had cleared the main road – right onto the sidewalk. Want to guess which chant I thought for that section? 

My feet are soaking wet. I didn’t get many miles — but at least I got SOME miles in. I was feeling discouraged and crabby before the run. I feel better now. Isn’t that always the case no matter what the conditions — I’m always better off having done it.

Stats: 2.61 miles. 11:40 slush/snow pace. 30:32 total time.

Today’s running conditions

My soaking wet socks and feet (all the way up to my mid-calf) after today’s run.

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