Dear Santa, Please Bring Me A Nice Warm Pair of Earmuffs This Year

Sunny. 36 degrees 21 mph winds. Beautiful out, but the wind was sharp and cold. That made me long for a fluffy pair of ear muffs to cover that exposed skin that seems most vulnerable on days like this. Wore my thin, long sleeved tech shirt and tights and gloves and my body and hands felt just fine — it was just the ears that were suffering.

I ran in the country today. It was lovely. I spotted three hunters decked out in their camo and fluorescent orange marching through a field behind their dog. I ran past a faded old, red cruiser bike propped against a fence with a big orange pumpkin in the front basket. I looked longing in the distance, from the valley I live in, to the foothills, blanketed in a fresh blanket of white snow.

My stomach gave me some trouble this run. I’m assuming this is due to the gluttony I’ve particiated in the last week. So, fair enough. I deserved it. I’ll behave better this week. 

Stats: 4.02 miles. Pace: 10:10. Time: 40:53. Felt: Cold and a little sick to my stomach.

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