Boise Foothills + Snow

This morning I met up with Randy, Julie, Otto, Dennis, Lynette, Sparkle, Jenny, Mark, Graham and Chad for a wet, snowy run in the Boise Foothills. Temperature was about 29 when we started and the snow was coming down. I felt warm with just my tech shirt and tights and ended up tying my running jacket around my waist by the first mile. The gloves came in handy at the really windy spots where the snow was blowing straight at our faces. In the less chilly sections I was able to take the gloves off and enjoy it. The sunglasses proved pretty useless right from the start. The snow was coming down hard enough that my glasses were covered in sort of a slush and fog almost immediately. I warned my friends to look out since I was running blind for a bit there before I finally just took the glasses off and squinted my eyes into the constant freezing snow coming at our faces.

I fell. Three times! It was that kind of run with huge patches of solid ice right under the fresh blanket of snow on the trail. The first time happened about a mile in and I landed so hard on my right shin, I thought I’d injured myself. I’ll likely have a nice bruise to show for it tomorrow. The second time I fell flat on my back (thankfully the Camelbak didn’t burst and my cell phone inside also survived my landing.) My left hip was pretty sore after that. The third time, I was chatting with my friend Otto and fell forward to my knees. Luckily, he’s a quick reactor or I would have caused a chain reaction of falls. He did mention considering leaping over me, which would have also been pretty funny.

It was great to catch up with all my running pals about our Thanksgiving holidays. But, the weather was just too harsh to do our planned 18 miler. The snow was up to several inches by the time we reached the summit and it was coming down hard. It was becoming more of a serious hike in the mountains instead of a run. Our shoes were soaking wet and we decided to call it a day this time. No matter. We’ll tackle more miles next time we’re out.

The most thrilling sight today was a herd of deer walking up the mountain way ahead of us. We spotted them just as we reached the summit. There must have been 6-8 of them and they were so gracefully bounding up the side of the hill! Wonderful!

Elevation Gain: 1,492. Max Elevation: 4,027 ft. Min. Elevation: 2,790 ft.

Stats: 10.01 miles. 12:34 pace. 2:05 time. Felt: Tired and Cold but Happy!

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