Yoga With My Honey

When we moved a year ago, I misplaced my favorite yoga dvd – Yogamazing: Yoga for the Kid in All of Us. I just purchased a new copy this past week and today was my first time using it again in a long time. It’s actually a DVD designed for parents and kids to do together and I’ve used it loads of times with my five children, who totally love the silly antics that Chaz the “yoga dude” on the video does. Amazingly, it’s also the best yoga workout I’ve ever done for my often achy neck and upper back. I was in a car wreck about 18 years ago and since that time my neck has not been the same. Doing yoga seems to release some of that stiffness and achiness I get. This particular dvd (despite it’s silliness), always makes me feel really good during the poses and throughout the rest of the day afterwards.

The instructor has taken many traditional poses like tree and owl and tweaked them a bit so that you use a partner. It means sometimes holding hands or sitting back-to-back. I have always enjoyed doing these poses with my children but enjoyed it especially today with my husband.  It was really very bonding and lots of fun to do yoga together. I hope he’ll keep joining me for more workouts in the future.

Stats: 1 hr 3 min yoga. Felt: Happy/Good/Inflexible, but a bit better at the end of the workout

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