Denise Austin Power Zone Mind Body Soul DVD

Wow! I loved this! I just got this DVD off of ebay a week ago for $1.99 after reading raving reviews on about it. I’ve always liked Denise Austin and figured for the price, this was worth a try. It’s a 40 minute combination of yoga (no mat needed), standing pilates and some salsa moves at the end. Love, love, loved it! I normally don’t even sweat with my Wii Fit Plus yoga moves, but Denise had me moving so much that I definitely got a better workout than I was used to. I have tight hip flexors, hamstrings and a neck that often aches from a car wreck I had years ago. She worked all those areas, stretched them out and even threw in a few ballet moves against the wall that I really liked! Even my upper arms got a workout. There were planks and t stands and wall pushups too.

I’ll be coming back to this one often! 

Stats: 40 min pilates/yoga/strength Felt: pretty good! Loved it!

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