Wind Runner

I admit it. I whined when I stepped out the door this morning for my run. It was SOOOO windy and cold. The weather report said winds today are 20-30 mph and I ran right into it the first and last miles. Brrrrr. The temperature is only 48 so once I started moving it wasn’t nearly as bad (I always have to remind myself of these facts when I feel reluctant due to less-than-perfect weather.)

I ran alongside the empty farmer’s fields with their neat, empty rows. I jogged by an empty golf course where the sprinklers were being blown out. It was cold. It was silent. It was nice. I took my time and just ran slowly up my only “big” hill near my home. I checked the Garmin and was surprised to see that my “easy” pace up that hill is now about a 10 min/mile. It wasn’t that long ago that I used to have to walk up part of that hill once I got to the steepest section. Last year when I’d run it, I was happy seeing 12:30 pace. It’s amazing what being committed to your running can do for you. I’m continually surprised when I notice that I’m getting faster without it feeling like I’m trying any harder. What a wonderful sport this is! I love the constant rewards! 

Stats: 4.3 miles. 9:52 pace. 42:29 time. Felt: Like it was harder than usual running into the crazy winds!

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