Wayne and I had our health screenings today for our insurance. I did pretty well. Blood pressure, weight and glucose — all normal.  Now, cholesterol was the one I was worried a bit about. I’ve only had it checked twice in my life. Once when I was at my fittest and thinnest in college (18% body fat back then and 107 lbs) and the other time when I was sedentary, overweight and had recently had my 3rd child. Both times, the numbers came back right a bit over 200.

My first doc told me not to worry since I was eating healthy and exercising and did not have a family history of heart problems. She said it was possibly just genetic. That is exactly what I was told again today when my reading was 211. My “good” cholesterol was 61 and she said that’s the more important number since anything over 60 means an extra protection against heart disease. Yay!

Still, I feel I’d like to clean up my diet some this year and see if I can finally wiggle that total cholesterol under 200 by next year. Exchanging my morning English Muffin for a bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon might help and be relatively pain-free. Hmm.

Now, Wayne’s readings really worried me a ton.  He needs to lose some weight (his BMI was 29), get his blood pressure down and increase his “good” cholesterol (his was only 15.) I’m really worried for him. I need to start buying healthier foods and preparing less “naughty” foods in the home to help. I need to encourage him to exercise more and lower his stress. Early heart attacks are in his family history. I really love my husband and need to do a better job as his wife to get him healthy.

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