One of my childhood friends, who’s also now one of my running buddies invited me along today to join her and her co-workers on a 6 mile route that is a local Christmas time race. I’d heard about the race for a couple of years, so it was fun to get to test out the course a few weeks early to see what I thought.

The first mile was fairly flat, running through older neighborhoods along sidewalks. I was surprised at how steep miles 2 and 3 were – an elevation gain of more than 400 feet up a steadily rising hill. At the summit, I stopped to catch my breath and enjoyed hearing hundreds of black birds singing in the trees of a beautiful home with an enormous yard and huge old trees. It was beautiful out. Crisp, fresh, enjoyable.

Miles 4-5 were pretty fun – back downhill! I relaxed and let gravity pull me along, though I found it hard to get my footing comfortable on the super bumpy washboard surface of the road dirt road. I kept thinking I would misstep or turn an ankle but I was fine. The last mile was fairly flat. The course is advertised as 6.1 miles – not quite a 10k, but close, but my Garmin said 5.86 when the ladies I ran with said we were finished. I ran a tad more to even things out.

I tried something new today — my new Asics arm warmers! I felt so cool in them, I was sure I could have been mistaken for Kara Goucher’s older, chubby sister.  ha ha! They were great, kept my arms warm, while I was able to wear a regular tech tank in about 45 degree weather. Nice!

Stats: 6.01 miles. Pace: 10:24. Time: 1:02. Felt: A little out of place with the new gals. Made me miss my usual group.

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