Creek Crossings 101

So tough, so beautiful and so much fun! Snow, mud, high elevation (I live at 2500 in the valley and we peaked at 5473 on this trail run) overall elevation gain of 5473, lots of snow, fallen trees to leap over, duck under and at least 20 creek crossings!  We ran off of Bogus Basin road along Dry Creek (which despite it’s name is a wonderfully babbling, brook that flows through the Boise Foothills.) We were so high up, that it felt like running through a Christmas tree farm. I had to stop and snap some of the pine needles just to release some of that heavenly perfume. There were snowball fights, wet shoes and some crazy beautiful views from the peak. Just a fantastic run with my DM friends Billie, Randy and Mark (and of course Mark’s enthusiastic Golden Retriever Callie too) 
This is exactly the kind of prep work I’ll need to prepare for my two 50ks this winter. I really felt I was getting the hang of crossing the creeks by the end without stepping right into the water.  I’m improving my mad trail skills! Woo hoo

Stats: 14.16 miles. 3:18 total time. Pace: 13:57. Felt: Happy, but hungry and a bit woozy from the elevation change.

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