Running Through the First Snowflakes

It was so nice to run in the chilly, morning air while the first snowflakes of the season fell gently. It didn’t last long, but I did manage to catch a few flakes on my black gloves.

My left calf still had that little painful cramp thingy going on today. It was bad enough I cut the run short. That’s a sign I’m not recovered yet from the half marathon on Saturday. I think it’s time to take a few days off and let this little twinge heal itself properly.

Tomorrow’s an exciting day. My wonderful, courageous friend Andrea (a pal here on DM) will turn 40 this week. She trained so hard this summer for her first fall marathon, but then struggled with illness through mile 19 and was unable to finish her race. She’s determined to correct that tomorrow. Several of her supportive pals (and several of our children) are coming out to cheer her on as she runs a solo marathon tomorrow! GO ANDREA!!!! You can do it!!!!

Stats: 4.04 miles. 10:37 pace. Time: 42:58. Felt: Pain in calf.

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