A Perfect Fall Run Along the Boise River Greenbelt

Wow! Sometimes the scenery, the temperature, the legs and the company just seem to mesh so perfectly and it all turns out better than expected.  That was this run, along winding trails near the Boise River. I met up with my DM pals, Randy, Paul and Andrea and my buddy Billie and it was such a nice, relaxed group. 

I swear the whole path was covered in golden leaves – the perfect kind for kicking through. The scenery was mesmerizing. I nearly stopped and stared at the trees, the water, the rocks — everything was so beautiful.

Totally enjoyed running with my buddy, Billie! We chatted and the miles just flew. Lots of fun! Great pace! Feeling ready for the race on Saturday.

Stats: 6.05 miles. 9:30 pace. 57:28: total time. Felt: AMAZING!!!!!! Like I could take on the world!

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