Happy Birthday to Me Run

Warm Up – 1 mile – 10:07 pace

Decided to test my limits today and do a 1 mile time trail for my birthday. The fastest mile my Garmin has ever recorded for me is 7:11 (and that was during a 2 mile race in July of this year.) So, I wanted to see if I could break 7 minutes. I felt in my heart, I could, but was a bit nervous. And, it was WINDY, which drove me crazy for 3/4 of the course (a college parking lot full of cars )

I did it! – 6:50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It HURT! Like Heck! But, I did it!  I wanted to slow down. I wanted to cry. But, I did it! I dug deep, ignoring that little voice in my head saying, “STOP! This sucks!” So glad, I did. As soon as the Garmin beeped and I looked at my watch, I collapsed on the grass and heaved great, deep, happy breaths and fought the urge to puke.

Cooldown: Nice, leisurely run back home with a big smile on my face. Mission accomplished! – 1.10 miles – 11:10

Total miles for today: 3.01

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