Turkey Trot Intervals

HOT HOT HOT! 52 degrees. Sunny. 14 mph winds. Did I check the weather before? Nahhhh. So, of course, since I froze my Go Go boots off last night in my costume, I assumed it would be chilly this morning. I wore my long sleeved tech t, my new running tights and yes, I, foolishly admit to — gloves! GLOVES! (I even had a light jacket over that before heading out the door and deciding at the last minute to leave that behind.)

There’s a fun little race coming up in about 3 weeks. It’s a turkey trot relay race. No timing pieces are allowed on the course and the goal is for each time to guess how long it will take for their team of four to run 8 miles (2 miles per team member.) The winning team who guesses closest to their actual total time earns 4 turkeys – one per team mate! How fun is that?! So, my friends Ryan and Michelle asked my husband and I to join them as a team this year. Yay!!!

So, today, I did just a little bit of speedwork – a warm up mile, an interval at close to “turkey trot” pace, 2 min recovery, then another interval, then ran home nice and easy. I didn’t want to push too much so close to my half marathon this Saturday, but figured this was a nice taste. 

Besides the sweat-fest, and the horrid winds I ran into for the first half of each mile, I think it went reasonably well. Here’s my splits:

Warm Up (1.03 miles) – 10;19 pace
1st Mile Interval: 7:34 pace 
2 min recovery: 10:08 pace
2nd Mile Interval: 7:42
2 min recovery: 9:45
Cooldown (.59 mile) – 9:06 pace

Stats: 4.03 miles. Ave pace: 8:46. Time: 35:20. Felt: Ok

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