Cows on a Playdate

I started smoking today. At least that’s how it looked as I jogged this morning and puffs of fluffy white clouds gently floated from my lips with my every exhale. Fall is really here! The trees are becoming balder. I was able to spy several bird’s nests in the branches today – nests that were well-hidden only a few weeks ago. I wanted to reach up and touch them, but I ran on, through the fallen leaves on the asphalt.

I wore a jacket and my red, warm gloves today. And shorts. It was the perfect chilly morning running ensemble. I thought about arm sleeves and wondered if they were just for compression or if they actually kept the arms a bit warmer. I’ll have to buy a pair and find out for myself.

I did a double take when I ran by a pasture with two mama cows and their two baby calves – obviously enjoying a nice little barnyard play date. 

37 degrees. 81% humidity. Partly cloudy. 3 mph winds. Perfect running weather. 

Stats: 4.35 miles. 9:49 ave pace. 42:45: time. Felt: Good.

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