Wind Runner

Crazy winds! 21 mph. Sunny. 59 degrees. Felt a bit warm actually even in a short sleeved tech shirt and track shorts. Speaking of track shorts, my “bargain” order showed up last night from JcPenney — 6 pairs of cute running shorts (with tags still attached saying $22 apiece) that I scored for $4.99 each (so less than $30 for the whole group!) So, it was kind of necessary to go for a run today and try a pair of them out. I’m happy with them. 

The winds were so wild out there, I nearly blew away. Running along the ditch banks was fun.It was weird looking down into the bottoms and seeing the old tires and shoes and such stuck in the mud. I’m so used to seeing the water flowing and the ducks swimming! I had a cramp in my right calf that I had to stop and stretch. That doesn’t usually happen to me and I was going very slow and easy today. Not sure what that was about. My right knee has been twingey too.

I’d only intended to run 3-4 miles, but was pleasantly surprised to find my energy coming back after mile 2 and I decided to go a bit longer. I always enjoy when that happens.

Stats: 6.51 miles. 9:57 ave pace. 1:04 – total time. Felt: Ok

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