Easy Short Run

40 degrees. 10 mph winds. Sunny. Beautiful. Great running weather. 

My calves were weary today almost from the start. I don’t think they’ve fully recovered from all the hills from last week’s schedule. I’ve neglected my foam roller and yoga and it’s showing. Time to work those back into the schedule.

A week and a half left until the hill half marathon. Less than a week until my birthday.  I pulled out my driver’s license this week and saw that I have just one more year before it’s time to renew it after this upcoming birthday. I used to dread that – always trying to put myself on a diet and hoping I’d be a better weight by the time I got the new license. I admit to lying on most of the old ones, at least by a few pounds, so sure that I’d lose those extra few pounds within the 4 years I’d have the license. I never did. Now, that I’ve gotten healthy and lost the weight, I’m actually excited to next year’s renewal! I get to proudly say that I’ve lost weight and kept it off.  I never used to think that would really happen. So glad it finally did. Running sure has changed my life for the better. 

Stats: 3.02 miles. 9:19 ave pace. Total time: 28:11 Felt: Ok

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