My friend, Sam, who’s 58 attempted his first 100 mile race this weekend. He had knee pain from mile 10 on, but kept going and going like the Energizer Bunny. He was determined to finish, but the race cutoff was 30 hours and he made it something like 91 miles I think and they told him, “No. We can’t allow you to keep going on the course.” He was going to finish the last few miles even if it didnt’ count – even if he didn’t get the coveted 100 mile Javelina Jundred belt buckle (yeah, that’s the big prize for most huge ultras – a belt buckle. Funny, huh?) Sam was upset since he was willing to keep going but his knees were both so sore by that point, they were both taped up with ice packs. Though, he wasn’t allowed to complete his journey – I have so much respect and admiration for Sam. About half the runners in this event (and most 100 mile races) were DNF’s. 100 mile races are only for the super tough. I know Sam will earn that buckle next time. My hero!!!!!!!!!

Here is Sam (we call him “Sam the Man”) He’s the one who ran me in at my recent marathon. He’s like a coach and a great friend. And, I forgot to mention, last year, in his first marathon ever – he qualified for Boston! A-mazing!!!

The run happened over 30 hours so the runners ran through the night. It took place in Arizona and here’s a cool picture of what it looked like out there running in the desert at night.

Another cool thing — our friend Ryan is another person I admire a ton. He was overweight and a smoker just about a year ago. He’s dropped 130 lbs, helped his wife lose 100, he’s stopped smoking and he ran his first marathon this month – qualifying for BOSTON!!!!!!!! AMAZING! Ryan had never ran more than 26.2, but he came with Sam to pace him in the last 50 miles of the race and he did it! I’m so in awe of my friends for rising to these types of challenges.

Here’s a photo of Ryan standing behind is “fat” pants. He’s super fit and fast now. Amazing!

Ok, now for something funny. The Javelina Jundred happens so close to Halloween that the runners often come in costume. Here’s a photo of my favorite one from that day that Ryan took.

Talk about chafing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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