Single Track Technical Mountain Trails in the Rain

It rained – a lot. It was muddy. It was windy. It was dark when we started. I accidentally broke my Camelbak when I slammed the drinking tube mouthpiece in the Suburban door so my pack was empty right when I needed it full for my run.  At first glance, today’s run wasn’t one of my best.

But, that’s not the entire story. Great friends were there – even a pal who offered me her Gatorade so I’d have something to drink on the trails. (Thanks Billie!) The conversation was fun and light-hearted – even in the rain and the cold. The foothills were especially beautiful on this cloudy day. The hills were hard on the way up – but they felt wonderful running DOWN. Though I started with a groan when I saw the pouring rain outside — it ended with lots of laughter and some enjoyable miles with my pals. So glad I went even when I was thinking it might not be a good one.

Best mile: Mile 11: 7:55. Elevation Gain: 2102.

Stats: 13 miles. Ave pace: 11:35. Total Time: 2:29. Kicked my butt as the Foothills often do.

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