Rainy Hillwork

50 degrees, rain lightly sprinkling, cloudy skies, 70% humidity and 10 mph winds. A chilly, but beautiful setup for a run.  Though I’m planning to run in the Boise Foothills with my friends in the morning, I couldn’t resist a little run today. I’ve been thinking about my need for tougher hillwork and decided to tackle the closest hill to my house – a reasonably tough 160 ft climb over about half a mile. I admit that I’m not a big fan of running uphill. It hurts. My heart beats like crazy. My calves and glutes yell, “What the heck?!” – but I think it’s time I stop fighting the hills and start embracing them. Downhills have never been an issue, but I always lose ground in races on those ups. I do a lot of hills on the weekends with my pals in the foothills, but anyone who’s ever run with me there will confess that I often hike up those instead of run them. It’s time to just bite the bullet and get over it (literally!)

I ran from my house to the top of the hill, ran the flat on top for a just a bit until my Garmin beeped at 2 miles. My clock said 19 minutes on the nose, so I made it my goal to get negative splits on the way back (which is absolutely helped by that nice downhill for 1/2 a mile!) My watch said 35:25 when I hit my front door. Yay for negative splits!

I pushed more out there today – not all-out – but I gave more.

Here’s my splits:
Mile 1: 9:41 (warm up)
Mile 2: 9:13 (Included the Hill)
Mile 3: 8:03 (Included the Downhill)
Mile 4: 8:13 (flat)
.04 – 6:29 pace – nice sprint to the front door 

Stats: 4.04 miles. 8:46 ave pace. Time: 35:25 Felt: Good

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