Zeitgeist Half Marathon Course

Wow that was a blast!!!! I’m signed up for the Zeitgeist Half Marathon on November 6th. I’ve never ran the race or seen the course, but have wanted to do the race for the past three years. My friend, Billie, agreed to take my running buddy Bertha and I out to the course today and show us the whole route. I’d heard it was tough. I heard there were hills. WOW, were there hills!!! The kind of hills that just go on and on and up, up, up gradually for miles. Miles 1-3 were all up. There was a break and a nice downhill in mile 4, then the toughest ups yet until mile 8. Then a nice downhill, then more UP! Miles 11 – the finish were a relief since they were mostly downhills (and I LOVE downhills!) 

The scenery was breathtaking, the hills challenging but also thrilling (ok only on the downs) and the company was the best!  Billie was the rabbit on the uphills pulling far ahead and just luring Bertha and I to work harder. Bertha was the pillar of consistent strength no matter the terrain – just total focus on her face and power in her legs. I was the rabbit on the downhills urging my pals to come chase me.  What a blast!!!

I felt amazing! My leg turnover was fanstatic on the flats and downs and I felt a good, hard workout on the ups! I’m so thankful I was able to try out this course before the race. It really would have been quite a shock come race day due to all the hills! 1,181 elevation gain.

I kept it nice and easy the first few miles, sticking with my pal who’s just coming back from a long injury. You can see by my splits where the hills and downhills came into play.

Mile 1 : 12:16
Mile 2: 12:08
Mile 3: 15:51 (stopped and waited for my friend and didn’t shut off watch)
Mile 4: 8:21
Mile 5: 12:23
Mile 6: 12:15
Mile 7: 10:06
Mile 8: 12:44
Mile 9: 10:59
Mile 10: 7:59 (Weeeeeeeeee FUN!)
Mile 11: 8:16
Mile 12: 10:31
Mile 13: 8:43
Last .25 – 7:05 pace. 

Felt strong! Felt fast! Felt powerful!

Afterwords, my two friends and I headed out to Pizza Hut for a relaxing, chatty lunch. Just about perfect in every way!!!!

Stats: 13.25 miles. 10:30 ave pace. Total Time: 2:19:17

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