Freaking Awesome Trail Run

It’s been exactly a week since my marathon and I’m feeling pretty good. What better way to spend a morning than running the Boise foothills trails with my friends? The weather was perfect, the scenery was all dressed up in it’s Fall Finest and several of my pals: Billie, Marci, Sparkle, Otto, Randy, Paul and Mark met up to run a nice, tough 9 miles. 2,000 feet of elevation gain, lots of climbing which happily also means some nice DOWNHILLS at the end. My last mile was a 7:27 pace! Weeeeee – I love downhills!

9.01 miles. Total time: 2:11:55 (the group stops and waits for each and every runner at several spots on the course and I left the Garmin running. I love that about this group! No runner left behind!)  Ave pace: 14:38 (this ain’t your mama’s 14:38! It’s heart-thumping, calf cramping, steep climbs and steep downs – fantastic, challenging and beautiful!)

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