Recovery Walk

I have a tried and true tip for the ladies: if you want to keep your pace slow and easy on your recovery walk after a marathon just wear your baggiest underwear and your normal bra when you head out on your first “stretching of the legs” recovery workout.  Every time your overly ambitious legs try to pick up the pace to a jog, you’ll have to clutch your waistband and throw an arm across your chest. This requires more coordination than you’ll want to muster so soon after your marathon, so you’ll sensibly slow back down to a walk and resume what you’d intended to do when you headed out the door: Keep it easy and keep it comfortable. 

I’m feeling pretty good overall. My quads are a bit sore. I can feel a twinge in my right knee and my lower back is a bit out of sorts. All minor and nothing that has kept me from feeling that I won’t be feeling back to my usual running self in a couple of weeks or so.

I did my only teeny bit of running when an odd woman crossed the road, muttering to herself and picked up her pace so that she was nearly on my heels. I decided THAT moment crossed over into “Oh yeah, it’s totally ok to run for just long enough here to distance yourself from the psycho!” That lasted about a tenth of a mile and then I went back to my “stroll.”

I’ll continue to keep things easy for the next week. I’m sure my body will let me know when it’s ready for a proper run. I’m mentally itching for it already — but I’ll be patient.

Stats: 3.02 mile walk. Pace: 18:27. Time: 55:41. Felt: Ok

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