City of Trees Marathon 10/10/10

Started strong (maybe too strong??) and held an average of 8:59 pace for the first half. Hit 1:57 while walking and taking GU at 13.1. 7 of my miles in the first half were in the 8’s! Excited to see I broke 2 hours for the half for the second time in my life. I could tell my fatigue was already hitting me, though. I held the “break 4 pace” of 9:09 or better until around mile 18. Starting fading after that and just never was able to reclaim it. I finished in 4:20:59 after my three sweet friends came back onto the course after their half marathons and ran me in the last three or so miles (Bertha, Sam and Mike – you guys are SO awesome!!!!!!)
I gave everything I had out there today. I did my best and PR’d by 37 minutes from last year’s City of Trees marathon (my first!) I came in 5th in age group. Apparently, I’m still a sophomore at this running thing and will have to continue to work hard and improve both my speed (which is good at short distances) and my endurance.

Loved seeing so many friends and family members there today. Too tired to recap right now, but will in a day or two.

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