Windy, Rainy, Hilly Run

At last year’s City of Trees marathon, the temperature was 39 degrees at the start line and raining. The rain never stopped and the temperature never rose above 40 that entire race. It was my first marathon and a very chilly one in my tank top and shorts! Today’s weather reminded me a lot of last year’s race. About 48 degrees, 10 mph winds and raining. Brrrr.

It was a good time to pull out the coldgear, long sleeved shirt and 3/4 tights and hit the road since this year’s race weather is gearing up to either be the perfect fall weather race or an exact deja vu of last year’s.

It turns out, that unless the temperature dips another 10 degrees or so, the cold gear shirt was just too warm for me still. The humidity was 76% and I was feeling like steamed broccoli by mile 2. I also found that the cold gear compression material had a tendency to slowly crawl up as I ran, which drove me crazy. I kept pulling the shirt down towards my hips and it would immediately rebel and start inching up towards my “mom belly” which is not something I’m keen to show off to the world.  This shirt definitely will not make the “marathon day” wardrobe top 10 list with those types of antics!

I was feeling antsy, so I was relieved that a run was scheduled on my plan today. My poor husband has suffered the worst during this taper. I’m so moody without my proper constant supply of endorphins. I think he’ll be glad when I can finally just take off and burn all this excess energy off come marathon morning! Hopefully I won’t be quite as much of a big baby after the race, the way that I was last year after my first 26.2. I whimpered and groaned and begged for hot soup, bread and Snickers bars. I milked it for all it was worth. This time around, the distance is just becoming old hat. Bumping into all those ultra runners in December of last year really changed my training for the better. I run longer now – much, much longer than I used to -and have even gone the entire marathon distance 5 more times since last year’s marathon – many of them just training runs. I’ve been able to go for 20+ mile runs in the morning, come home, shower, change into a dress and heels and go to a wedding where no one would guess from my energy or dance moves that I’d ran nearly a marathon that morning. Hopefully, that means I’ll be an easier patient this year and will require less help getting up and down the stairs and into the bath tub. 

Though the run was chilly, it was a fairly good done. I took it easy, only speeding up a bit on the downhill side of a nearby hill.

My splits:
Mile 1. 10:12
Mile 2: 10:07 (half mile uphill)
Mile 3: 8:59 (the downside of the hill)
Mile 4. 9:37
Last .33 – 9:24 (Intentionally held back my kick at the end. Saving it for race day.)

Stats: 4.33 miles. 9:42 ave pace. Time: 42:01

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