A Bug Went Right Up My Nose!

I woke up with the sniffles. I shouldn’t be surprised since my three daughters all came down with colds this week. My race is in 9 days. I’ll take zinc and see if I can overcome this round of germs. Zinc has helped me avoid nearly every cold that tried to attack my system for the last few years as long as I took it often within the first 24 hours of cold symptoms. Crossing my fingers it can work it’s magic on this one.

My mojo is still gone. I just felt tired out there today. I’m trying to remind myself that I always feel bad during the last part of a taper. I always feel more exhausted than I think I should and I usually feel fresh as a daisy come race day. Let’s hope that holds true this time as well. 

Oh yes, and a bug did indeed torpedo right up my left nostril at about mile 3 today. GAG GAG GAG!!!

Stats: 5.08 miles. 10:38 ave pace. 54:01 total time. Felt: Tired

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