Over the last two days, 8 of my ultra friends ran the Bear 100 mile race (of the top 5 HARDEST 100 mile, mountain, trail races in the U.S.!) Despite about 1/4 of the runners DNFing at this challenge this year – EVERY ONE OF MY PALS crossed that finish line including my friend (and hero) Emily, who is a Mom just like you and me and who was doing her first 100 mile race.  I am in awe!!!!!  Now I’m starting to daydream about doing a hundred miler myself someday. Hmmmmm. Bertha, are you with me? 

Here’s Emily sprinting (YES – SPRINTING to the finish of her 100 mile race – it took her 36 hrs and 47 minutes. She was actually just shy of the cut-off (36 hours even) but was allowed to finish since she’d checked into the final aid station in time. Look at that smile!!! 

Here’s most of the gang.  I’m so proud! I hang out with some pretty phenomenal runners. They are my heros! 

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