Neighborhood Recovery Run

I pulled on my favorite turquoise running shorts and black Nike short sleeved running top and couldn’t wait to get outside and enjoy the fall weather! 45 degrees and slightly breezy! I actually saw my breath at the beginning of the run! Hard to believe since it was nearly 90 here just a few days ago – but pretty cool (yeah that last one was a pun!) 
Just stretched the legs out running by the farms next to the neighborhood. I nearly slowed down to beg for a meal when I passed the elementary school where I could smell the mashed potatoes and gravy. Mmmmmmmm. I ran on an empty stomach this morning just to see how that would go, after one of my pal’s suggested that eating less can be the cure to stomach troubles. I probably won’t go without any breakfast normally, but for a really short run like this, it was just fine. I felt good. I also felt fine last night on the 10 miler in the mountains, which was reassuring since I haven’t really changed much yet as far as my diet goes. Now that I’m home, I’m enjoying a nice, hot bowl of apple cinnamon oatmeal and the mocha cappuccino I’d been avoiding for the past few days. Mmmm. Happy times!

Stats: 3.05 miles. 10:04 pace. 30:43 total time. Felt: Fantastic!

Looking forward to Family Track Night tonight.

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