Harvest Classic 8k

Wow! That was so much fun! I held back the first mile and just eased up to the pace I thought I could do the whole run (around 8:10) then just kind of cruised it on out. It was hot out there and I felt a bit like puking around mile 4. It was 73 degrees but the sun was blazing down. The only water stop was at mile 2.5 and I chose to grab as I kept running and just throw it back, trying to get a quick drink. Most of that went up my nose – but it was enough.
Total shock when I found out I won 1st place in my age group!!! How did that happen?!!! My buddy, Billie really rocked it too and came in 2nd place in our age group!
There were huge gift baskets given away at the end with values up to $450 each! There were maybe 20 of them given away. My Mom won one and my buddy, Billie did too! Way to go, guys! Definitely a fun race and I’ll be back next year!

Stats: 8K in 39:51. Ave pace: 8:01!  I am in awe!!!! I just cruised it, took it easy the first mile and really thought there was no way I’d place at all. I had no ambitions on getting any medal today so it was a total thrill to get a first place one!  I now have a 2nd place, a 3rd place and now a first place for this summer’s races! Cool beans! 

Forgot to mention, I also ran slowly to warm up for half a mile before the race and half a mile after to cool down. So, miles for today are 5.97. 

BTW, McMillan’s charts were pretty close again. Based on my 2 mile race in July, I should have done it in 39:36, based on my 10k in June, I should have done it in 41:36 and based on my half marathon in July, I should have done it in 40:19. My time of 39:51 really fits right in there. I have so much faith in McMillan! I’ve used it over and and over to choose a pace before a race (at half and shorter) and it’s worked so well. I’m still nervous about how the marathon will go. I’m not as confident that I can do what McMillan says on those and have read that it’s a weakness of the system to base your final time on your shorter distances — but I’m eager to try in three weeks and see where I land.

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