Track Night

Fantastic time with great people – including my parents and many of my closest running buddies. It was even the birthday of one of the most encouraging members of the group, Sam, so we all sang him a happy birthday and there was cake.  Fun times and great people!

I ran the first two miles nice and easy, just chatting and catching up with friends and warming up the muscles. Then I did my tune up workout for the 8k race I have on Saturday morning.

I’d seen an article just before I left in Runner’s World about tune-up speedwork and figured “What the heck! I’m heading to a track and haven’t had a speed session in two weeks. Might as well do one now.”

It called for: 1200 m at 10k pace (8:10), then 3 min recovery, 800 m at 5 k pace (7:53), with 2:30 of recovery, then 400 at 1 mile pace or better (7:03.) And I nailed it!!!! It was encouraging having my pals root me on and my parents clapping as I went by.  Thanks, guys!

Once I’d finished the speed work, I relaxed and walked and ran gently with my buddy, Bertha (aka Chocolate) until everyone was leaving for the night.

Fantastic workout! I feel really good about how well I did on the intervals and it boosted my confidence. I loved the laid back, family-friendly feeling of these track nights. I’m feeling very lucky that I have them each week to look forward to. I wish I’d started doing this sooner.  This was only the third time I’ve ever been to one.

Stats: 5.16 miles. 10:53 ave pace. 56:07 time.

Mile 1: 9:57 (warm up)
Mile 2: 10:27 (warm up)
Mile 3: 8:34
Mile 4: 8:55
Mile 5: 14:28 (chatting and walking)
.16: 23:47 (stopped and forgot to shut off watch right away.)

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