Me Can Touch My Feet. Touch. Touch. Touch.

Doing Wii Fit Plus yoga with my 3 and 5 year old daughters is always hilarious. Today I kept thinking how much my 3 year old reminds me of that Geiko commercial where the little piggy says, “Weeeeeeee” all the way home, since that was her reaction to almost every pose we did.  She is quite a showoff though. During the Sun Salutation where I desperately reached for my feet some 6 or more inches down below when Bill Ted said, “Touch your toes”, Savannah would say, “Me can touch my feet, mama. Touch. Touch. Touch.” Just wait until she’s over 35! 

I had plenty of practice with multi-tasking today during my workout as well. My 9 year old son was practicing his fiddle and stood grinning in the room expectantly after each tune for applause. Of course, I obliged, but found it especially hard to do during plank and downward dog. 

One thing I’m really going to miss when Savannah isn’t so little anymore is how she reaches out for my hand when I’m standing or laying for a pose. She’ll just hold on so tight and blink her beautiful blue eyes at me and I’m just under her sweet spell. During tree pose, she hugged my leg so tight I thought I’d tip right over — but I loved it.

Looking forward to running at the track tonight with some friends. 

Stats: 30 min Wii Fit Plus Yoga and Strength

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