Chocolate Milk is da Bomb

My best running pal and I call ourselves team Chocolate Milk.  Today was my first run with her since I’ve been home. It was so great to see her again! I ran from my home to her office, which is about 3 miles from my front door. I don’t think I stopped talking her ears off the entire time. We had so much catching up to do! She’d done a fantastic job at a race while I was away and she was interested in hearing about Boston.

It was hot out there today. About 80 degrees and the bright, lunchtime sun blazing down on us. I’m eager for milder temperatures to come our way soon and stay. I know it won’t be long now.

I think the strangest thing that happened this run was that we were stopped by two trains on the tracks we always cross to get back to her office. That never happens! One train was moving swiftly past and the other long, black locomotive was just sitting there – blocking our way. We waited for the moving train to go by and then looked at each other like, “Now what?” We didn’t hear the engines, so we climbed down on our hands and knees and climbed under the belly of the train. I made a joke with my friend that I’m so clutzy, I was likely to accidentally get my shirt hung up on the bottom and end up dragging along the bottom into the next town. Thankfully, that didn’t happen – but it made both of us laugh. We always seems to have adventures when we’re out running together and this just seemed to fit with that.

Just as we hit my pal’s office, she went into sprint mode, so I did too, passing her. Then she surged again and zipped right on by me! I loved it!!!!! My friend, Bertha is one fast lady! 

After saying our goodbyes, I headed back home. The heat was starting to bother me and I hadn’t had any lunch yet so I was feeling light-headed. I stopped at a ditch and splashed some of the water on my legs and arms just to cool down a bit. I was feeling a bit dizzy and woozy the last mile. I was very glad to see my front door step. 

Taking tomorrow off to rest, track night with my pals on Thursday, race packet pickup on Friday for an 8K I’m doing (my first free race entry – woo hoo!), and then the 8k on Saturday morning. I’m running 20 miles of the marathon course on Sunday morning with pals and I think I’ll just take a nice long nap after that. 

Stats: 11.02 miles. 2:09 total time. 11:44 pace. Felt – SOOO happy to run with Bertha again!! I kept interrupting the run to hug her!

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