It’s good to be home. Running alongside the peppermint fields and even having a chicken cross the road right in front of me really did welcome me back to good old Idaho properly.  I felt like I was drinking from the cup of human kindness as the drivers waved and smiled at me as I ran alongside the road. I waved and smiled back, storing up in my heart the goodwill each one of them was sending me. I really missed that “small-town” feel while in Boston. It’s nice to be home.

Legs were heavy today. My stomach wasn’t much better. I tried Hammer Gels today – one mountain blueberry, which wasn’t really a flavor I liked much and one espresso which I loved – but which upset my stomach shortly after. I spent the last 2 miles eager to get home to the bathroom. Eeek. Won’t be buying those two flavors for the race. It’s really such a game of trial and error finding the right balance with nutrition and fuel for a marathon or ultra. I had hoped I’d be an old pro at it by now — but I’m still learning as I go. 

A little soreness in the knees today and my big right toe is fairly painful. I injured the toenail back in May doing my second marathon. It turned black and fell off a few weeks back when I accidently smacked my toe against the vacuum. The nail seemed to come off that day in one piece – but it’s the oddest looking thing you’ve ever seen underneath. Not smooth at all – very lumpy and bumpy and rugged. It’s so sensitive to touch and I’d hoped it would be over that by now. A heavyset man accidently stepped right on my toe on the airplane going out to Boston. I almost cried it hurt so much. It’s been extra sore every since. I don’t believe it’s broken or infected or anything. My husband thinks it’s just a problem that will correct itself if I am just patient. Good thing I bought my last pair of running shoes a half size larger than usual. That’s helping a bit I think to keep anything from touching it much. I hope it heals soon!!!! Only 4 weeks until the marathon!

Stats: 16.07 miles. 11:21 ave pace. 3:02 total time. Felt: Ugh

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