This is the first run I’ve done all week.  The first run since my solo Boston Marathon. Our plane arrived home late last night from our trip and I spent the day organizing the house, cleaning, catching up bills and going to the grocery store. The house looks great again – but doggone it, I wasn’t able to get in many miles before it got dark on me tonight.

I’ve felt just fine since my solo Boston. That was encouraging. I finally uploaded my Garmin to Garmin Connect to see what my moving time was that day since there were so many stops for traffic lights and such. I’m thrilled with what I found out. My moving time that day was 4:35!!!! A 10:30 pace for 26.2!  My best marathon was a year ago and that was 4:57, so this is pretty exciting. I didn’t push. I’d love to break 4 hours at my Oct 10th race. A little nervous still to even attempt it — but this “practice” run really did boost my hope that it’s at least in the realm of possibility.

Today I took it really easy the first mile. I’d had a heavy dinner just an hour and a half before and it was still warm out (about 80 degrees.) The second mile, I headed up a nearby long, slow, steep hill and enjoyed the challenge. I could tell it woke my muscles up from the week-long sleep where all I did was walk and hike around Boston packing my 40 lb 3 year old daughter.  By the time I reached the summit of the hill, I was feeling much better. I relaxed my shoulders more, my stride widened and I just sailed down the other side, enjoying the cool evening air as the sun was setting over the valley. I walked at the bottom as I sipped my water bottle, then picked up the pace again and just gradually felt it increase as I finished up the run. Just a nice stretching of the legs, really.

My splits:
Mile 1: 11:37
Mile 2: 11:22
Mile 3: 8:58
Mile 4: 10:14
Mile 5: 8:37
Final .01 — 6:48 (I was feeling really good by this point!) 

Eager to jump back into my training schedule tomorrow. My husband has just had a schedule change at work that should really help me to get in better runs during the week – yay! I’m hoping that I can start heading to Boise twice a week now instead of just once. I’ll really enjoy that!

Stats: 5.01 miles. Time: 50:51. Ave pace: 10:09

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