5 Miles of Walking

Just adding up the walking and walking and more walking we’ve done in Boston the past two days. Visited Salem, MA today and saw a museum about the witch trails. Hmmm. Really enjoyed visiting the chilly, muddy beach and finding shells and watching the sail boats quite a lot. Yesterday we rode the local train (which was quite an experience with five young children especially after the Red Sox game got done and we were literally face-to-face with wall-to-wall people for forty minutes in the train. Wow, good thing we’d all eaten mints.)  We visited the Aquarium with Anastasia and her sons and saw some cute penguins, sharks and seals, then rode a water taxi (my favorite thing this whole trip) to see Old Ironsides (the USS Constitution), then walked around the Museum of Fine Art late last night with Anastasia and her whole family. Very nice. The kids liked the mummies. Wearing ourselves out and getting excited it’s almost time to come home.

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