I Ran the Boston Marathon Course

Too tired to tell the whole tale just yet. I did it. I also suffered with GI problems again the first 7 miles (2 bathroom breaks and two bushes breaks.) Shouldn’t have tried something really exotic last night for dinner but it was so good. 

I started early, but the heat was still so oppressive. Near 80 and high humidity. This Idaho girl is missing her home running turf. 

Boston Red Sox game tonight, so I was dodging hordes of fans going to the game and sidewalks just crowded with college kids unloading their boxes and furniture. I also had to stop at about 20 cross walks and that time added up!

I’m eager to get back home to my plug in and usual computer to see what my moving time was out there without the stops. I’m thinking it was about 4:30ish. My best marathon time to date was 4:57, so I PR’d today no matter what! 

I really think this got the Boston Marathon out of my system. I took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up without Wayne and the kids following me in the car. I sat near the Boston Library and in the shadow of the John Hancock building worried sick for about an hour before they found me again. I had no phone, no money and I was so thirsty and hungry. Was so thankful to a security guard who let me use his cell phone to call Wayne. Boy, was I happy to see him.

I think I deserve a Coke! Wayne just went fishing, so I”ll have to wait till later to get that, but it will only taste sweeter.

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