I’m here in Boston and I have a whole new respect for those of you who complain about high humidity after today’s run. I just did a short jaunt around the neighborhood here at my friend’s home and took in some of the New England beauty. It was a bit like running in a suana – with a heavy, wet towel around my shoulders. I came back drenched in sweat after a very slow, paced 3 mile run – an effort that back in my nice, dry state of Idaho would have hardly make me break a sweat at all. Amazing! It was fun seeing the elevation on my Garmin show around 300 when I’m so used to seeing numbers ranging from 2500 – 5000 in the Boise area. 

I have big plans tomorrow morning – to run the entire Boston Marathon course.  Wish me luck that I survive this humidity and that I don’t get lost while I’m out there.

I am so happy that I’ve brought my family here to meet Anastasia and her wonderful kids and husband. They are the most warm, welcoming people and we’ve felt right at home here with them in their lovely home. The children are getting along well and it’s fun seeing the 2 three year olds playing and the 2 5 year olds playing together.  My heart has been stolen by the beauty of her baby girl, Catherine who’s only 9 months old but who has the most luxurious jet black hair I’ve ever seen! She’s a doll!!!!

Run stats: 3.1 miles about 31 minutes. Temp – Mid 80’s. Humidity – 75% (sooo humid for this Idaho girl!!)

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