The Cobra pose is so much more fun when your 9 year old son does it with you and keeps howling at the moon while in position.  The Downward Dog is funnier, too, when your 5 year old daughter’s wearing her footy pj’s and her feet keep sliding on the wood floor so the she ends up in more of a plank pose by the end, too. 
I think Bill-Ted and I are starting to bond. He confessed to me this morning that he was up too late last night. What, I wonder, does a virtual trainer do with his free time that keeps him up late? Hmm… Inquiring minds want to know!

Stats: Wii fit Plus yoga and strength. 30 minutes.

I have a cold. Achooo!!!!!! My first one of the year. Must be all those miles I ran last month wore my immune system down. At least it’s long before my race. That’s a silver lining!

Tomorrow morning our family leaves for Boston and I’ll get to meet my first IDOB member in person!!

I can’t wait to run the marathon course for my long training run this weekend!!!!! :clould9:

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