I Have a Fairy Godmother

She granted my deepest wish at mile 3.5 today — a porta potty!  ha ha

My legs – especially my calves were feeling sore and fatigued when I started my run today. I kept it easy and gentle, ran along ditch canals and through the golf course and let my body just do what it needed to do. Amazingly, by letting my body just guide me I ran progressively faster as I went today. Here’s my splits:

1. 11:20
2. 10:42
3. 10:55
4. 10:06
5. 9:26
6. 9:27
7. 9:09
8. 7:43 

Now that last one, I admit was intentionally fast. This is my last run for August – a month that I have run more miles in than ever before in my life!!!!! 162.54 miles!!! My best month before this one was March of this year when I ran 146.19, so this is a huge improvement!  I also had some unfinished business. Remember that speedwork from this past Wednesday where I hit or beat my 7:46 interval times on the first two, then decided to “run like a Kenyan” for the third and missed by about 20 seconds? I just fixed that. The funny part is, I wasn’t even looking at my watch this time either — I was just pushing the way I’d like to push at the end of this upcoming marathon – wanting to see if I could hold a faster turnover for the final mile or not. Looks like I did.  Yay!!!!

My next run will likely be in Boston! My family and I are flying there on Thursday to stay with our friends for 10 days. It should be the trip of a lifetime! I’m hoping with all my heart that I can run the Boston Marathon course – the whole thing – this upcoming Saturday or Sunday – if its’ ok with my hosts.  Wayne’s already told me he’ll crew for me and take pictures. I have no intent to run it fast. I want to savor every step!!!  Oh – and I’d set a yearly goal for myself on Jan 1st to run 1000 miles for 2010. I will be hitting that while in Boston too. Pretty cool, huh? That Fairy Godmother of mine has been hard at work granting my wishes lately. 

Today’s temp: 61 degrees. 45% humidity. 10 mph winds. Felt – tired early on, but really good as the run went along.

Cool Down

.53 miles. 16:04 pace. – total miles for today: 8.58.

I’m going to see Anastasia in Boston in less than two days!!!!  I can’t wait to hug her!!!!!!!!

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