Recover Run

“Looking good.” That’s what my neighbor lady said during my recovery run today. It made me smile. It made me run taller. Such a simple compliment, but it really made me feel great. 
It was a reminder to me today to offer words of encouragement to others who cross my path too. Our positive words can revitalize, uplift and inspire.  Who can you gladden the heart of today?
I ran right after the rain today. My little corner of the world smelled so fresh and new again. Temperature: 52 degrees. 76% humidity. 10 mph winds.

Stats: 5.34 miles. 10:09 ave pace. 54:15 – time.

I just hit my best weekly mileage in months – 46.11!  My top mileage week of all-time (and during this year) was 50. I’ve also had a 47, and last week was 44. I’m on track!  My goal is to build up past that “all-time” best of 50 as I peak for this marathon. That should happen in four weeks, right before I taper. I can’t believe my race is 6 weeks away!!!! 

My monthly mileage for August is already past my goal too – AND – it’s better than I’ve ever done before!!!!  At the moment, with two more days left, I’ve ran 153.96 miles. My best month this year was March when I ran 146.19 while prepping for my 50K. This is pretty exciting.

I’m hoping I can hit my yearly 1,000 miles total while I’m in Boston on vacation with my family at Anastasia’s. It’s currently at 975.31. Wouldn’t that be sort of symbolic to hit that special number while I’m in Boston of all places – the Holy City of runners!!!! I think so. I hope that would give me a little mental boost as I fine tune my marathon training and get closer to my race. I’m still nervous about what pace to choose as my goal pace. You have to have a plan when you walk up the starting line. This will be my third time approaching that line. I’m still not sure what number I’m going to chase that day. My timid side right now is wanting me to play it safe and just go for a PR. Considering how poorly I felt I did in my first race (12 minutes slower than my training plan had me shooting for – a 4:57) – I think that’s going to be easy. My training plan based on my half marathon in July wants me to run at an 8:46 pace with a goal time of 3:50. That just seems SO MUCH faster than I can really fathom for that distance! I don’t know if I can do it. I ran the half in 1:53, so I know I can hold an 8:37 for 13.1 — but — beyond that, I’m not sure how long I can hold anything in the 8’s. My McMillan printout with that same race info says I should do the race at a 9:07 pace for a time of 3:58. Again – that still scares the heck out of me. I can’t really fathom breaking 4 hours on my second time “racing” this distance (my second marathon, if you recall was in the same month I did my first half marathon and first 50k so I ran it like a training run in 5:13.) Truthfully, if I break 4:30, I’ll be happy. That’s still better than I’ve ever done and a number I could be proud of at this point in training. But — a tiny voice in my head keeps whispering, “How will you ever qualify for Boston if you choose the conservative path? You went all out in your other races this summer – and PR’d like crazy by taking a chance and doing something you didn’t think you could do – and succeeded! JUST TRY to run the 8:37 for as long as you can! Even if you only make that pace for 14 miles – it’s one mile further than you did in July and a step closer to being ready for Boston eventually. And, what if, what IF — it’s already here? What IF I CAN do it and I’m too scared to try? What if I never get this strong and healthy again? What if this is my only streak of speed and I am too fearful to gamble for it and try?

So – that’s where I’m at — struggling mentally with my goal. Last year it rained the entire marathon. It was 40 degrees. It was COLD! That could happen again. Maybe that contributed to those extra 12 minutes on my time. I don’t really know. If I ran my smart coach pace (which is what I did last year for as long as I could – 21 miles – it turned out) and the total time was 12 minutes worse this year, I’d still (in theory) end up around 4:02. That would be amazing!!!!! Maybe I should try for that.

Hmmmmmmm — Boston pace? Safe, easy pace? Somewhere in the middle? Hmmmmmmm

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