Chase Those High School Cross Country Boys!

What a fun, FUN, run today in the Boise foothills! Super relaxed, easy pace for most of the run, great conversation and some spurts of crazy fast turnover on the downhills. Loved it! I was very excited to get to run with my closest training buddy, Bertha again! Having her back on the trails with me just made me smile so much. My sweet childhood friend Marci was there, my running hero, Emily, who’s too modest to accept my adoration and praise, two new running pals, Angelita (who is SO strong out in those hills I think she must have been born doing this) and a very new runner buddy named Danielle, who today hit a new mileage PR! Two other fellas joined us early on, Mark and Mike and they zoomed off and amazingly ran 20 miles nice and fast! Way to go to all of you and thank you for making my morning fantastic!

Around mile 10, the single track, technical trail started getting a little bit crowded. Suddenly we girls were in the midst of a high school cross country track meet! At first I thought it was just a practice and I decided it would be fun to push myself a bit and try to keep up! I love the downhills and found I actually could keep up with the boys and got some pretty funny looks from them when they’d see that an ordinary “Mom” was running alongside them keeping up for a bit.  That only made me push harder and enjoy it more! Hee hee. My other friends teased me later that I was trying to run with the front of the pack. Of course, I only held that for half a mile before I darted off to the side and waited for my pals to catch up. Once we were back together, I darted back into the stream of cross country racers, pushing it again just for the heck of it! I was comfortably doing about a 7 – 7:15 minute mile and surprising myself by how comfortable it felt. I felt like pumping my fists into the air and saying, “Weeeeeee!!! It’s fun to be alive and it’s fun to run like a girl!!”

Still can’t stop smiling.  I only wish I could head back out there and do another 11!! 

Just a note: I did use the “moving time” from Garmin Connect today instead of the elapsed time. Temperature today was wonderful – 56 degrees. It was dark when we started so I also got the chance to test out my new Coleman headlamp and really felt it did the job! Not bad for $20!

Stats: 11.09 – miles. 13:02 – ave pace. 2:24 – “Moving” time (total time including waiting for the group to catch up every mile or so and photographs was 3:06.) Elevation gain: 1,639 (a fairly mild foothills run – pleasurable and fun – just a bit challenging.)

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