I Have the Cutest Cup Bearers

When I finished up my run today, I opened the door to let the children know I was back, then shut the door while I finished stretching on the front porch. Just a few moments later, the door gently opened and there was my adorable curly-topped 3 year old, standing there in her pjs proudly holding a big cup with about an inch of water in it. She said, “Mama, I bwing you some water!” I got down on my knees, smiled broadly, took the cup and hugged her close. Then I told her , “Thank you so much, honey! This is exactly what Mommy needs right now.”

My oldest daughter was standing behind her smiling sweetly at her baby sister’s big-hearted effort. She quietly mouthed, “Would you like me to get you some more?” I drank up the baby’s offering first, she ran off to watch Elmo again and my oldest went to get me a tall glass of ice water. I am one very, very blessed Mom.

Man, I love these kids. 

Today’s temperature: 57 degrees. 41% humidity. 20 mph winds (I LOVED the wind today – it felt so good!) I felt very good out there today. Wish I could have had time to get in a few more miles, but this will have to do. Looking forward to some trail running tomorrow and the time with a few of my best buddies. 

Stats: 8.01 miles. 9:51 ave pace. 1:18 total time. Best miles: 7 – 8:43 and 8 – 8:22.  Felt fairly strong today.

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