Track Run With Family

You know what the beauty of a track is? People of all paces can run together, socializing. Tonight I ran with several friends (some old and some new) at a track behind an Elementary school. My husband played catch with my two sons and a couple of other boys who were there, right in the center of the field while we ran laps around them. There is a playground next to the track, too, so my older daughter looked after the younger two girls who were playing with one of their best little gal pals (a daughter of one of my running friends.)

My Mom came (HI MOM!!!), which was really awesome.  I walked with her and chatted, jogged ahead, then stopped to run or walk with another friend I’d bump into. It was a really pleasant, laid back atmosphere full of support and smiles.  I’m really glad we went.

Stats: 4.11 miles. Ave pace: 13:11 (walked with my Mom and a new friend named Michelle and had to take Savannah to find a place to pee outside during the run. hee hee. Also gave Savannah a piggy back ride for one lap.) Total time: 54:12.

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