Little Miss Christie Sat on A Haystack

I didn’t sleep very well last night. I do remember laughing as I started to drift off to sleep though. I heard my husband give a little laugh too. Knowing he didn’t know what I was laughing about made me laugh again. Finally, he woke enough to ask me what we were giggling about in the night. I told him about the goat on two legs I’d seen on my run earlier in the day, after we’d parted ways and he’d headed back to the house. I run by this corral of goats all the time. Never once have I seen one stand on it’s hind legs before — but I had that amusing privilege yesterday. I had to stop and stare and grin at this white goat who was standing on his back legs to reach some leaves of a tree. He was nearly my height (and may have towered over me by a few inches if we’d measured.) It was a funny scene. I’ve never been eyeball-to-eyeball with a goat before.  So, I thought of that as I was starting to drift off to sleep, started Wayne laughing and ended up telling him about it. But, once I’d done that — I couldn’t seem to fall asleep.

I tossed and I turned for more than an hour before I finally just got out of bed and headed for the master bathroom where I keep my running logs in the linen closet. When I can’t sleep, I’ll grab a fluffy towel and one of the log books and plop down on the carpeted floor and amuse myself by going over the assorted data I’ve written about my runs in the last two years. It works as well as any bedtime story and I’m usually reassured that I have in fact, improved over time and that I’m currently on track with my training. I finally headed back to bed and fell asleep.

On today’s easy run, I enjoyed watching my neighborhood farmers harvesting some of their fields. The wheat field I wanted to leap onto was mowed to the ground! The sunflower field no longer held a single flower. Then I saw the haystacks. The rows upon rows of beautiful haystacks! I just adore them! The patterns that they make are so much fun to just stop and stare at. So, I did. I breathed in that freshly cut hay and just soaked it all in. Then, I thought about how I’d tell you all how I’m always thinking how much fun it would be to go sit on one of those haystacks – and before I knew what my legs were doing – I was running right into the field and sitting on one. Wow! It was like settling onto the back of a porcupine in my compression shorts — but it still made me smile. I felt like such a rebel! This is about as close to breaking the law that a gal like me will ever get – so I savored it! Then, I jumped up and ran on — continuing on my daily miles.

I stopped to smell the roses a bit later. Yellow ones. They smelled very sweet. Yellow flowers make me think of my Grandma. My dad always said they were her favorite. I never met her. She died in a car wreck when a drunk driver hit the family car when she was about 32. It’s odd to think I’m older now than she was ever able to be. But, I think of her when I see yellow flowers and I imagine that she’s smiling down at me. 

I spotted an athlete on the golf course today. They call him a caddy.  Now, that guy was working up a serious sweat lugging those clubs.

I finished up my run and sat down on my front porch as I always do to stretch. That’s when I spotted the hawk soaring on the breeze high overhead. I watched him for a good five minutes as he glided here and there, just floating on the wind. I’d love to be a bird and fly like that. I suppose when I run downhill, I feel a bit like he must – I just relax and enjoy the ride.

Today’s weather: 57 degrees. Nice change. 44% humidity. 10 mph winds.
Stats: 7.01 miles. 11:25 ave pace (truly felt harder than that- I guess that shows I’m suffering from fatigue from that 20 miler on Saturday after all.) total time: 1:20.

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