Wayne Asked Me To Run Naked

You know — without my technical gadgets coming along. Today I invited my husband along on my recovery run. Mentally, I needed to shake off yesterday’s bad run and Wayne has been eager to spend more time on the road with me, becoming a runner, so this was a perfect opportunity. 
Now, I forgot to mention that yesterday, only a couple of miles into my run, my Garmin started beeping angrily at me. The message on the screen was, “Data is almost full.” Ugh! Not what you want to hear right at the beginning of a 20 mile run. Now, this had never happened to me before. I’d read about other’s dealing with it, but it hadn’t happened yet to me. That’s because the Garmin holds 1000 laps of data and the first year I ran/walked (since I was a complete couch potato when I began) I did something like 380 miles from May 2008 – Dec 2008, but didn’t even own a Garmin unitl Nov of 2008, so there was only one month of data in ’08 – so about 50 miles or so. I was actually injured in early December, so there were no miles added at all from that point until March of 2009, while I recovered from bursitis in my hip. From March ’09 – Dec of ’09 I ran something like 780 miles. I never hit 1000 recorded miles during that period. I reset the watch and deleted all history on New Year’s Day of 2010, so I’d have a nice, fresh start.  My yearly goal at that point was 1000 miles for the year. Now the Garmin actually records it’s data in laps and that doesn’t necessarily mean miles. So, when I did track work and ran 200 m for instance – that would take up the spot for 1 lap just as much as 1 mile would normally. Anyways, I knew I’d reached over 900 miles at this point this year, but it hadn’t occurred to me that the track work and partial miles had really filled the data bank to capacity.
So, the over-full watch beeped yesterday. We stopped. I fiddled with the watch and deleted an older run. We ran again. A few miles later, it beeped again. Once more, we stopped, I fiddled with the watch, deleted an old run and we started again. This happened twice more!!!! Once the run was over and I’d come home, after uploading my info to Garmin Connect, I deleted all history from the Garmin again to start fresh. But.. I forgot to put the Garmin back on the recharger. So, this morning, while stretching and warming up in front of the house with my better half, the watch beeps and sends me another message “Battery Low!” The “Grrrrrrr!” I let out, is really what set my husband to simply say, “Why don’t you leave that thing at home, honey? Who cares how far or how fast we go today?” He wanted me to run naked. As any techno-geeky runner will attest to — this request was on the brink of heresy for me to even consider. My husband is still new to all of this. He’s just starting. He doesn’t have a Daily Mile account or a stack of running logs or a marathon training schedule posted on his desk. He’s still green – fresh, innocent,sweet and naive to the trappings of our sport! At least for some of us.
I thought of Dennis. Now Dennis is the all-knowing Yoda of our running group. He’s witty and wise beyond measure. The crowd of runners’ voices go silent and we all lean in when Dennis offers one of his pearls of widsom, like, “Be FREE my running friends! Cast off your electronic chains. Relyeth not on geosynchronous satellites to comfort you. Free your wrist and you free your MIND! Can I get an AMEN!” and yes, that’s a direct quote.  The man is an icon and he cracks me up. Wayne’s request today made me think of that and I laughed, but confessed to him that, “My name is Christie and I’m a Garmin addict.” So, since the batterly life was low, I told him we had to get a move on.
We ran along my favorite canal path today. I shared with him the view of my favorite three willow trees arching into the water. The old, weather-worn red barns, the hay fields, the geese and ducks and the sprinklers (which he happily ran right through!) I giggled when he asked me how fast we were going. My husband always claims he runs 10 min miles without training at all. Our first mile was a nice, comfy 11:30.  I teased him that we SHOULD have left the Garmin at home, so he could still claim that he was faster. We laughed, we had fun, we chatted. Ok, “I’ laughed, “I” had fun and “I” chatted. Wayne kept saying, “Are we done yet?”  I love that man!!!!!! I will totally make a runner out of him! For those that don’t know, my husband actually ran “the toughest half marathon in the northwest” – Robie Creek – with me this year. It was my first half too. Not only did he refuse to use a training schedule or do more than 3 training runs in the entire 3 months leading up to the race (none of them in the month prior to it), he was also in a car wreck the week before the race and had whip lash the day he pinned his number on! The man is determined! Strong minded! Overconfident!  I love these things about him! He’s the complete opposite of me – the planner, the worrier, the doubter. We’re good for one another. We create balance – kind of the ying and the yang thing. Anyways, though I didn’t see him after the first mile at Robie Creek, he did in fact FINISH that race!!!!! It will always be etched in my mind how glad I was to see him finish! For those that remember my recap from that day, I accidently ran in, screaming and cheering and “I love you-ing” my blue-shirted, black shorted husband only to realize I’d ran in the WRONG MAN! Wow, that was awkward! Thankfully, my REAL husband, also wearing his blue shirt and black shorts was just coming over the last hill at that moment, so I raced back up the road, started taking pictures and again, screamed, cheered and “I LOVE YOU’D” him all the way to the finish line. I’m sure the spectators (and that strange man’s wife) were wondering if I had a few screws loose – but I didn’t care. It really was one of the proudest moments of my married life.  I kissed Wayne and led him to the medical tent where he promptly collapsed into a chair, grabbing his knee and smiling, saying, “I TOLD YOU I COULD DO IT WITHOUT TRAINING!”  I love my crazy husband!
Anyways, today, even with the very gentle pace, he was tired by about 1 1/2 miles and told me he’d head back for home for an even 2. I kissed him and told him I was really proud of him for coming out with me today and we agreed to do this every Sunday morning. 
I relaxed into the sunshine, the breeze and the moment and really enjoyed myself the rest of the run. My legs feel perfectly fine! I actually feel like I could run another 20 today if I wanted to. Probably not, but that’s how they feel. I don’t know what the heck happened to me yesterday, but I found my mojo again this morning.
For any of you, who’ve ever had a bad run, “C’mon now — you KNOW every one of you has had one of those days…” let me tell you a little about the rest of my day yesterday. I was discouraged. I felt a bit defeated. My confidence was in the toilet and I admit to cuddling up to my husband and saying things like, “Maybe I’m not a real runner.” “What am I doing out there?” ” I suck so bad at this!” ” I’ll never make Boston! I’m fooling myself to think that’s ever in my grasp!” “I’m giving up running!” My much-wiser hubby just laughed and held me and let me get it all out. He’s seen me like this before – after other bad runs. And he’s also seen me rise back up and get back out there and do better than expected not long after. I guess these things come in cycles. I’m happy to report that my pity party was short-lived and I’m fine again. I think low glycogen can make you say crazy things.
I corrected that with 3 pieces of Pizza Hut Deep Dish Hawiian pizza, 3 glasses of Pepsi and half a Snickers bar. Watching some funny British comedy called The IT Crowd (Wayne does tech support for a living so the jokes are very relevant) before bed with Wayne, a proper night’s sleep and I’m back in the game.
Thank heavens for my sweet husband.  I think we runner-types sometimes forget how much we rely on our non-running spouses to support us, encourage us, rub our achy quads and hamstrings after a hard run and to keep saying, “You can do it!” even when we think we cannot. I owe so much of what I’ve accomplished to my husband. I could never have made it this far without him. <3
Today’s temp: 70 with winds 20 mph and humidity 25% = really nice running weather. 

Stats: 4.25 miles. 45:21 – total time. 10:39 – ave pace. Easy, fun, happy.

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